Russ Ballard

1974 Russ Ballard
Released: September 1974
Label: Epic
Format: LP

1976 Winning
Released: 1976
Labels: Epic
Format: LP

Includes “Winning”, “Since You Been Gone”, and “Just a Dream Away”
1979 At the Third Stroke
Released: 1978
Label: Epic
Format: LP

1980 Barnet Dogs
Released: 1980
Labels: Epic
Format: LP
Includes “On the Rebound” and “Riding with the Angels”
1981 Into the Fire
Released: 1981
Label: Epic
Format: LP

1984 Russ Ballard
Released: 1984
Labels: EMI
Format: LP
Includes “Voices” and “In the Night”
1985 The Fire Still Burns
Released: 1985
Label: EMI
Format: LP
Includes “The Fire Still Burns” and “Dream On”
1993 The Seer
Released: 1993
Labels: Intercord
Format: LP

2006 Book of Love[7]
Released: 20 October 2006
Labels: Phoenix Music Group
Format: CD

2015 It’s Good To Be Here[7]
Released: 27 March 2015
Labels: UMU Music Group
Format: Download