Durutti Column, The

The Return of the Durutti Column (Factory FACT 14, 1980) – original LP sleeve made of sandpaper – 1996 CD issue has same track listing and running order as the original sandpaper sleeve ‘B1’ and later black sleeve ‘B3’ vinyl pressings (and is missing the extra track from the black sleeve ‘B2’ LP release) (No. 7)
Lips That Would Kiss EP (FAC BN 2-005, 1980)
LC (Factory FACT 44, 1981) (No. 12)
Deux Triangles EP (Factory Benelux FBN10, 1982)
Another Setting (Factory FACT 74, 1983 – all CD issues have incorrect track listings) (No. 4)
Amigos Em Portugal (Fundação Atlântica, 1983 – reissued on CD by Kooky in 2005) (No. 11)
Without Mercy (Factory FACT 84, 1984) (No. 8)
Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say EP (Factory FAC 114, 1985 – added to CD issues of Without Mercy) (No. 5)
Circuses and Bread (Factory Benelux FACD 154, 1986 – reissued in 1993 with new artwork on Les Disques Du Crepuscule, titled “Bread and Circuses”) (Reissued on LTM in 2008 with original artwork and 9 ‘bonus’ tracks LTMCD 2510)(No. 11)
“The City of Our Lady” (Factory Fac 184/A, 1986) with Debi Diamond (No. 46)
Greetings Three EP (Materiali Sonori MASO 70003)
The Guitar and Other Machines (Factory FACT 204, 1987 – also available as the first commercially released pre-recorded DAT) (No. 13)
Vini Reilly (Factory FACT 244, 1989) (No. 5) – reissued in 2011 as a double CD by Kookydisc, featuring an extra 9 track disc of previously unissued demos and sketches.
Obey the Time (Factory FACT 274, 1990)
Sex and Death (Factory Too/London, 1994)
Fidelity (Les Disques Du Crepuscule, 1996)
Time was Gigantic… When we Were Kids (Factory Too/London, 1998)
Rebellion (Artful CD40, 2001)
Someone Else’s Party (Artful CD49, 2003)
Tempus Fugit (Kooky kookydisc019. 2004)
Heaven Sent (It Was Called Digital. It Was Heaven Sent) (F4, 2005 – six tracks, download only)
Keep Breathing (Artful CD52, 2006)
Idiot Savants (Artful CD62, 2007)
Sunlight to Blue… Blue to Blackness (Kooky kookydisc027, 2008)
Treatise on the Steppenwolf OST (LTMCD 2518, 2008) (incidental music to theatre performance – mostly reworkings of recent material)
Love in the Time of Recession (Artful CD64, 2009)
A Paean To Wilson (Kooky, kookydisc 29/1 & 29/2, 2009 mail order, 2010 retail)
Chronicle (Kooky, 2011)
Short Stories For Pauline (2012)
Chronicle XL (Kooky, 2014)