Nightingales, The

Pigs on Purpose (Cherry Red LP) 1982, CD reissue 2004 (#15), LP reissue (Vinilissimo) 2014
Hysterics (Ink/Red Flame LP) 1983, CD reissue (Cherry Red) 2005 (#20)
In The Good Old Country Way’ (Vindaloo LP) 1986, CD reissue (Caroline True) 2005 (#8)
Out of True (Iron Man CD) 2006
What’s Not To Love? (Caroline True CD) 2007
Insult To Injury (Klangbad CD) 2008
No Love Lost (Cooking Vinyl CD) 2012
For Fucks Sake (no label LP) 2014
Mind Over Matter (Louder Than War CD & LP) 2015